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Aziatisch in Utrecht

8x Asian Streetfood Restaurants in Utrecht

The spots for Asian street food are popping up like mushrooms in the ground. We’re not complaining though, we love sitting at a table full of delicious Asian bites, like spring rolls, dumplings, rice paper rolls, fried spicy chicken wings, and steamed duck buns. I’ll also happily order a delicious bowl of pho or ramen. In this post I’m sharing …

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Vegan Utrecht Restaurant Badhu Explore Utrecht 3

38x vegan food in Utrecht!

Vegan and plant-based lifestyles have been growing in popularity, so Utrecht’s restaurant scene couldn’t stay behind! So, are you vegan, do you try to eat less animal products or are you just looking for a different place to eat in Utrecht? Check out our tips on how to eat the best and most delicious vegan food in Utrecht! Fully vegan …

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Best spots for great coffee in Utrecht

Coffee is what I need at the end of a long workday. But where should one go to get the great cup of coffee? While there are many places in the city that can give you that ‘caffeine fix’, why not check out the following list of the best spots where you can get delicious and properly brewed coffee. If I missed …

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Kantien Groenten Menu Explore Utrecht-3

The menu at KANTIEN: local and regional delicacies

City restaurant KANTIEN, housed in the old canteen of the municipality of Utrecht, is one of the well-hidden gems of Utrecht. The route to KANTIEN, a 20-minute bike ride from the city centre, is definitely worthwhile. Not only because of all the beauty that lies on the route such as; Molen de Ster, The Munt Building and the lovely houseboats. …

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Cantina Di David Oudegracht Explore Utrecht 2

New pep at Cantina di David located at the Oudegracht

Cantina di David on the Oudegracht has been serving authentic Italian food for over 20 years. Feysun Canatar, owner since 2014, has brought new pep to the business. This year that translated into being awarded four temples by the Accademia Italiana Della Cucina and being voted “Italië Magazine’s Restaurant of the Year 2018.” The current concept brings Italian fine dining …

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Spaghetteria Korte Koestraat Explore Utrecht-6

Spaghetteria Utrecht for fresh and homemade pasta

The motto ‘If you do something, do it well’, goes for well for Spaghetteria as you can eat delicious freshly made pasta at the pasta-bar. At larger tables or the seats in front of the window, people can sit down and enjoy homemade pastas and delicious wines. The doors open at 17.00 and slowly the restaurant fills up with pasta …

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Caves Caroli Karel V Explore Utrecht 3

Caves Caroli | Enjoy the Karel 5 cellars in style

Advertorial Grand Hotel Karel V, the well-known monumental 5-star hotel in the center of Utrecht, offers more than just luxurious hotel packages. You can also enjoy culinary pleasures, have a good meeting, or throw a cozy family party. The Caves Caroli, for instance, are recommended for anyone who wants to have drinks or dine in an informal atmosphere. Everyone is …

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Fine drinking in Utrecht | exclusive cocktails & special whiskies

Let’s be honest, when IKEA says in its advertising that attention makes everything more beautiful, they’re right. And the same goes for going into town to have a drink somewhere. It’s great when the well-dressed bartender mixes your cocktail with care or gives you excellent advice on the best whisky in the house. We have three addresses where fine drinking, …

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A culinary experience at De Zusters in Buitenplaats Doornburgh 

De Zusters restaurant, located in a cloister in the beautiful, woodsy Doornburgh, honors its former inhabitants in a special way. Not only do the chefs take guests on a culinary trip, but an evening in Buitenplaats Doornburgh also offers history, architecture, and art to enjoy. We were curious about what the evening would bring us. Woodsy Buitenplaats Doornburgh Buitenplaats Doorburgh …

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FAK - French Asian Kitchen Explore Utrecht -5

French Asian Kitchen a.k.a FAK Utrecht located in the Drieharingstraat

Down to try something new? Check out French Asian Kitchen (FAK), the newest addition to the cozy Drieharingstraat! French Asian, you say? The team over at FAK has gone with an unusual concept: a fusion of French and Asian cuisines. It might sound rather bold, but they’re confident in the combination of flavors. In fact, one of the chefs specializes …

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