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bookdinners makes restaurant reservations personal and easy

Thanks to Explore Utrecht, I regularly enjoy the best restaurants in Utrecht. It’s so nice when your hobby grows and becomes a versatile platform, where both Utrechters and tourists can head to for cool tips in the city. And to make it even easier to quickly book a table at good restaurants from Explore Utrecht, we’ve started a collaboration with …

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Piero’s a luxurious Italian restaurant on Ledig Erf

The Ledig Erf area has welcomed a new living-room style Italian restaurant. Piero’s has the appeal of a luxurious restaurant but at the same time the atmosphere is down to earth. Its specialty is Napolitano style pizza. We visited to have a taste and set our teeth in the thick crusted flavorful pizza’s. Centerpiece bar The first thing you notice …

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Horeca hotspots langs het Merwedekanaal Explore Utrecht 4

Hotspots along the Merwede Canal

For some time now, Utrecht has been developing in all directions outside the city centre. At all kinds of locations in the suburbs you can find nice, cosy and tasty restaurants. Along the Merwede Canal, where a new urban zone will develop on the west side in the coming years, you will also find a number of noteworthy hotspots. We …

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WT Urban Kitchen Dineren 9de verdieping Explore Utrecht-8

WT Urban Kitchen | Dining in the chef’s kitchen

Restaurant WT Urban Kitchen is known for its beautiful view from the 10th floor of the water tower. If you want to get a spot there, you have to book well in advance. But did you know that dining on the 9th floor is also a great experience? Let me tell you all about is in this blog. Dining overlooking …

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Vogelenbuurt Explore Utrecht-6

Experience de Vogelenbuurt through children’s’ eyes

Breakfast a day makes the kids ready to explore and play. Breakfast at Meneer Peer (Mister Pear) is fun and affordable. This cute cozy cafe feels homey and has a relaxed vibe. This place is super child-friendly: there’s a wonderful play corner and the menu is filled with things kids love. No funny-looking fancy dishes with crazy flavours, just simple, …

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Rechtbank Ontbijt Explore Utrecht 2

Easter brunch in Utrecht | 4x brunch spots

Easter is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, then that means two things: chocolate and brunch. And lucky for us, there are plenty of places to get great brunch this Easter! (And chocolate too, of course, but I figure you’ve already got that covered…) Word to the wise: once you’ve made your pick, reserve fast to …

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Sugo Pizza I plate pizza at Vredenburg

Yes! Vredenburg has a new addition: Sugo Pizza. At Sugo you can get a delicious freshly prepared slice plate pizza for a few euros. Maybe you know Sugo from other cities, such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam, where the concept has been popular for a number of years. Pizza al taglio The pizza at Sugo is different from the average (takeaway) …

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De Maaltuin – a culinary journey on an exclusive location

De Maaltuin is a pop-up restaurant that is located on an exclusive location. The current edition takes place at the greenhouse of Palace Soestdijk. But that’s not all, because De Maaltuin will return to the Botanical Gardens of Utrecht in May. The culinary past and present of Palace Soestdijk Exclusively for the Maaltuin it is possible to organize the pop-up …

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De Heeren van Montfoort Header Photo

Dining at De Heeren van Montfoort

We all know that the city of Utrecht has a lot to offer, but there is also a lot to discover in the province! After previous visits to Woerden and Oudewater, it is time to visit the centre of Montfoort, where we will dine at De Heeren van Montfoort. Wandering through Montfoort Arrived by bus from the center of Utrecht, …

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