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amersfoort tour SEM sla en meer brood dips en groentes

Amersfoort Foodtour: 50 shades of green!

We were invited to explore Amersfoort, together with a group of fellow bloggers. We can’t say no to that! The theme? ’50 shades of green’: so we got to meet the sustainable and green side of Amersfoort. During the tour we went to several stops, where we were told the story behind the location, in what way they contribute to …

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Smaakmakers Tour Explore Utrecht 11

A flavourful bike ride with the Smaakmakerstour

Want to explore some of Utrecht’s tastiest restaurants on the bike? We were invited to experience this during the Smaakmakerstour. We’re fan and we’ll tell you why in this article! The concept The Smaakmakerstour works as followed: you’ll jump on the bike with a small group and go on a bike tour past 5 different restaurants all throughout Utrecht. At …

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Comptoir Libanais Explore Utrecht 2

A Lebanese feast at Comptoir Libanais

Good news: Utrecht just became home to the first Comptoir Libanais outside of the UK, and I am beyond thrilled! Tucked away in Hoog Catharijne, Comptoir serves up delicious Lebanese food that you need to get your hands on ASAP. Interior With eclectic patterned tiles on the floors & walls, brightly coloured furniture, and unique decorations covering every surface, Comptoir …

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Restaurant Danel Explore Utrecht 3

Danel: Mix and Match French Style

You come in through a revolving door and are immediately welcomed by the hostess. Then your jacket is taken and hung up in the cloak room. Chic, proper! Danel is the new kid on the block at TivoliVredenburg, right by het Gegeven Paard. It’s located in the old offices of the Vredenburg building, a whole bunch of renovations took place …

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Matcha Latte Explore Utrecht 2

6x great matcha lattes in Utrecht

I’ve gotten very into matcha lattes lately. The obsession started purely because they’re delicious, but matcha’s also said to be super healthy – so what’s not to like? Matcha powder comes from the same plant as green tea. The difference is that to make matcha, the plants are kept covered, which apparently forces them to work harder to stay green – and this in turn …

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Restaurant Fico Explore Utrecht 9

An alluring evening at Fico Urban Italian

The Veilinghaven has just welcomed a new restaurant: Fico Urban Italian. The dream team behind the gorgeous WT Urban Kitchen thought it was time for a new adventure and decided, after years of service, to turn restaurant ‘De Veiling’ into a beautiful oasis. On the first night, we were invited to get to know Fico with a few other guests. From the …

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Vegan Utrecht Restaurant Badhu Explore Utrecht 3

10x veggie-friendly restaurants

When I first moved to the Netherlands about five years ago, finding vegetarian food in restaurants could sometimes be a frustrating experience. ‘Vegetarian’ often seemed to mean ‘diet’, and on more than one occasion I ended up scarfing down a sandwich after a meal to quell the residual hunger! Fortunately, times have changed, and the selection of veggie options in …

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Da Portare VIA Explore Utrecht 3

Mouth-watering pizzas at Da Portare VIA

Da Portare VIA just opened its third Utrecht location, and Cate and I were kindly invited to come celebrate with them. We arrived at Brederoplein 6 on a rainy evening feeling rather damp and dishevelled, but the warm, buzzing atmosphere inside was definitely promising. With live acoustic guitar, general cheer, and the tantalising scent of fresh pizza surrounding us, we …

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Instock Explore Utrecht 3

What have you got Instock for me?

Well, a delicious and fair menu. The food and the drink menus are both good! And the building on the Vleutenseweg is a sight for sore eyes, but let’s not forget the terrace. A real ‘hidden gem’! Calm, green, but mostly cosy. Instock from pop-up to hotspot Instock is a concept that began in the capital, first as a pop-up …

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Dinner in Motion Explore Utrecht 2

Dinner in Motion: a visual and culinary delight!

When we were invited to have a look at Dinner in Motion, I wasn’t completely sure what to expect. ‘The most special restaurant in the Netherlands’, I read on their website. That promise definitely rang true! Read on to discover how special it truly was. But before we could experience Dinner in Motion, we’d had to get there first! With …

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