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Croquette Boutique Explore Utrecht 1

The Croquette is chic at the Croquetten Boutique

The croquette might be the Netherlands’ most famous snack. Everyone has ordered one at the snackbar after an evening of partying once in their life. Fastfood is in! After the burger, fries and the hotdog, it’s now the croquette’s time to shine. No more pulling your croquette out of the wall Recently you can find the ‘de Croquetten Boutique’ on …

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Key West Stadsstrand Explore Utrecht 4

7x healthy hotspots in Utrecht

We started a New Year a while ago and like every year one of my resolutions is to eat healthier. I’m really no fitgirl, but sometimes it’s just good to know what the options are for a light meal packed with healthy vegetables. But where would you find those in Utrecht? I’ve put together a list of my 7 favourite …

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glutenvrij lunchen Utrecht

Gluten free lunch in Utrecht

It’s hard enough to have to eat gluten-free because of your diet. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 cosy spots for a delicious gluten-free lunch.* 1. Lucas has lunch dishes that can all be ordered as gluten-free for 50 cents extra. How nice! Try the sandwich with the herbed pumpkin, pomegranate seeds and pecans! Website | Review | Wittevrouwenstraat …

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historische feestlocaties Utrecht

Organizing a party? Five party locations in Utrecht!

Is it your birthday or graduation soon? Did you just get a promotion or a new job? Or have another reason to celebrate? You can do that in Utrecht! A short while ago I was looking for a good party location myself for drinks to celebrate my graduation. Since I found the search difficult, I’ve listed five cool locations for …

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Werkspoor cafe brouwerij de leckere Explore Utrecht 4

Brewery De Leckere – Werkspoor Café

The Werkspoor Café De Leckere In the mood for sausage? Or beer? Love a cozy bar? But then modernly decorated? And not necessarily in the center? Then the Werkspoor Café is the place for you! The new kid on the block, besides WAS, Oproer and DB’s. This place is booming. Okay, admittedly, you have to bike a fair bit to …

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Rode-Vosch Explore Utrecht Tasting 1

Eat your way across the globe in Utrecht

There’s so many different restaurants and cuisines to try in Utrecht. You could have a culinary around the world trip, without ever leaving 030! We’ve put together a list of our personal favorites per country and cuisine. Europe Belgium: Olivier Apart from tasty Belgian beers, you can also enjoy some tasty treats in this former church. Belgian waffles, croques (monsieur, …

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Ohoj Koffie Rijnlaan 3

Artisan, Unpretentious Coffee at Ohoj on the Rijnlaan

Earlier this year Kevin Ayers and his wife Kristin packed their bags, left Paris for Utrecht, and brought their award-winning coffee secrets with them. Their new cafe, Ohoj, quickly established itself as the best new cafe in town with a French flair, Scandinavian design, American hospitality and artfully-crafted coffee. Scandinavian design and American hospitality The espresso bar and specialty coffee …

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Restaurant Simple Explore Utrecht 22

Pure indulgence at restaurant Simple

Restaurant Simple might sound familiar to you. It’s no ‘new kid on the block’ but an established restaurant in Utrecht. Simple is located in the middle of the Museum Quarter, so it’s surrounded by museums. These surroundings fit the restaurant, because the creations that come out of that kitchen are no less than those exhibited in a museum. There’s been a change of guard at …

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Rode-Vosch Explore Utrecht Tasting 3

New lunch menu at De Rode Vosch

De Rode Vosch recently launched their new lunch menu, and let me tell you: it’s a gem! With hearty and delicious dishes and that Aussie emphasis on fresh and colourful plates, De Rode Vosch has become one of my new favourites for lunch & brunch. A welcoming vibe Set up in a beautiful monument from the 1600s, De Rode Vosch …

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Breakfast Explore Utrecht Header eng

21 spots for breakfast in Utrecht

We’ve all heard it countless times: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It helps you charge up your energy level and gives your body and mind a boost… and so on and so on. Well, I am one of those people who tend to skip it, which isn’t a good thing to do if you swear by the …

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