Metro Kitchen Explore Utrecht-14

Metro City Kitchen op het Jaarbeursplein

When asked where you can meet at Utrecht Central Station, I have only have one answer since recently. Metro City Kitchen! Often people then ask me, where the restaurant is located at the station. Yes .. It is time to get acquainted with Metro City Kitchen, located at the Jaarbeursplein. Stylish with a touch of vintage Metro City Kitchen consists …

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Wijn & The City Explore Utrecht-1

Wine & The City – Wineshop Sjatoo on the Bilstraat

Summer! Time for drinks on the terrace, boating, and new blog posts. Time to make the balcony or the backyard dangerous with fruity white wines, sparkling rosés, and red powerhouses. Get your feet up and keep Explore Utrecht open in your browser. I’m going into the city for you to find the best wines to drink at home and the …

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The Green House Explore Utrecht 7

Going green at The Green House

Something interesting has appeared on the Croeselaan… They’ve been working on a ‘glass house’ in between the Rabobank building and the brand new government office building De Knoop for a while. We got to take a look in this beautiful glass box called The Green House! The Green House isn’t just a reference to the beautiful green house that you …

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The Streetfood Club Explore Utrecht Header Photo

Hello ‘The Streetfood Club’ Utrecht

During the opening of restaurant Fico on the Veilinghaven, my host whispered to me that he was busy working on something new – a super cool concept! He told me to be patient, and that he would keep me up to date. Well, I’m anything but patient, and immediately scoured the internet for hints. But unfortunately, my efforts to uncover …

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Monumenten Explore Utrecht 5

5x Golden Oldies in the city centre of Utrecht

In our beloved Utrecht new restaurants are popping up like mushrooms. Because of the enormous amount of choice, it’s easy to lose track of where to go. Even though I love trendy places, I also find it important to shine a light on the classics of Utrecht. That’s why this article is a tribute to the golden oldies! 1. Stadskasteel …

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5x the best places for Friday afternoon drinks in Utrecht

Have you ever heard of a vrijmibo? People in The Netherlands celebrate the start of their weekends with a vrijmibo. It literally means: having Friday afternoon drinks. So, celebrating the weekend with a drink and some bites. But where? There are so many possibilities! Explore Utrecht listed their favorite places for you, from officially organized events to the coziest bars. …

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Cavabar Explore Utrecht

Bar Cava in the city centre

Cheers In how many ways and languages can you cheers? Besides zdorovje, yamas, salute, proost! We cheers to our own health and happiness. Traditionally, knights in the middle ages already cheersed to their health: when their glasses hit each other, some liquid always exchanged cups, so that they knew that their company didn’t want to poison them. Cheers! Lets drink …

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Bring your Own De Zaak Explore Utrecht 1

Bring your own to Utrecht cafés

You’re probably already familiar with the ‘bring your own’ concept. It means that you can bring your own snacks, lunch, or dinner to a café. You do then have to order a drink, though. Sounds reasonable, right? The ‘bring your own’ idea is nice and cheap if you’re on a bit of a tight budget. Or maybe you have tricky …

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historische feestlocaties Utrecht

Organizing a party? Five party locations in Utrecht!

Is it your birthday or graduation soon? Did you just get a promotion or a new job? Or have another reason to celebrate? You can do that in Utrecht! A short while ago I was looking for a good party location myself for drinks to celebrate my graduation. Since I found the search difficult, I’ve listed five cool locations for …

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Werkspoor cafe brouwerij de leckere Explore Utrecht 4

Brewery De Leckere – Werkspoor Café

The Werkspoor Café De Leckere In the mood for sausage? Or beer? Love a cozy bar? But then modernly decorated? And not necessarily in the center? Then the Werkspoor Café is the place for you! The new kid on the block, besides WAS, Oproer and DB’s. This place is booming. Okay, admittedly, you have to bike a fair bit to …

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