The Green House Explore Utrecht 7

Going green at The Green House

Something interesting has appeared on the Croeselaan… They’ve been working on a ‘glass house’ in between the Rabobank building and the brand new government office building De Knoop for a while. We got to take a look in this beautiful glass box called The Green House! The Green House isn’t just a reference to the beautiful green house that you …

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Cafe Karibu Explore Utrecht 4

Chilling at Karibu at Oudenoord 330

Welcome! ‘Karibu’ means welcome in Swahili. And you certainly feel welcome when you walk into the new Karibu café at Oudenoord 330. This ‘Urban Jungle’ is an oasis of green to escape from the chaos of the busy city. Karibu café is a breakfast and lunch café with an African touch. It feels like you’ve just landed in a tropical, …

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Rose & Vanilla Explore Utrecht 6

Rose & Vanilla a healthy hotspot on the Amsterdamsestraatweg

Lunchroom Rose & Vanilla The Amsterdamsestraatweg is in full development and new spots are popping up all over the neighbourhood. The established order will also keep surprising you, like Rose & Vanilla who have been located at the busy Amsterdamsestraatweg for a while now. At Rose & Vanilla you can buy a stash of gluten-free and lactose-free delicacies to take home. …

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Ohoj Koffie Rijnlaan 3

Artisan, Unpretentious Coffee at Ohoj on the Rijnlaan

Earlier this year Kevin Ayers and his wife Kristin packed their bags, left Paris for Utrecht, and brought their award-winning coffee secrets with them. Their new cafe, Ohoj, quickly established itself as the best new cafe in town with a French flair, Scandinavian design, American hospitality and artfully-crafted coffee. Scandinavian design and American hospitality The espresso bar and specialty coffee …

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Matcha Latte Explore Utrecht 2

6x great matcha lattes in Utrecht

I’ve gotten very into matcha lattes lately. The obsession started purely because they’re delicious, but matcha’s also said to be super healthy – so what’s not to like? Matcha powder comes from the same plant as green tea. The difference is that to make matcha, the plants are kept covered, which apparently forces them to work harder to stay green – and this in turn …

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Instock Explore Utrecht 3

What have you got Instock for me?

Well, a delicious and fair menu. The food and the drink menus are both good! And the building on the Vleutenseweg is a sight for sore eyes, but let’s not forget the terrace. A real ‘hidden gem’! Calm, green, but mostly cosy. Instock from pop-up to hotspot Instock is a concept that began in the capital, first as a pop-up …

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Café du Nord Explore Utrecht 1

Café du Nord – French bistro on the Draaiweg

Bonjour Edith Piaf et Les Poppys Magnifique! Tres belle! And other exclamations that don’t go further than my terrible French can handle. But Café du Nord on the Draaiweg deserves those kinds of lovely French oneliners. When you come in, you’re welcomed by beautiful French chansons and unprecedented hospitality. The host knows what the restaurant business is about: letting guests …

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30ml Vredenburg Explore Utrecht 5

Coffee, lunch & drinks at 30ml on the Vredenburg

When 30ml shut their doors on Mariastraat this winter to make their move to Vredenburg, many coffee-lovers found themselves displaced. The dark, cozy yet industrial interior of their original cafe was a local favorite, as well as an easy stop on the way to central station. Luckily, this move was well worth the wait. Their new spot across from Tivoli …

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Restaurant Bentinck Selectie1-2

Enjoying lunch at Restaurant Bentinck in Amerongen 

In February, restaurant Bentick opened its doors in the old stables of Amerongen Castle. In this historic location, a gorgeous restaurant was born while preserving many old elements. A restaurant where you can dine with ambiance, but it’s also a beautiful location for a coffee or elaborate lunch. Drinking in the vegetable garden At the gate, we’re given a friendly …

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Rocking-Chair Explore Utrecht 3

Get comfy at the Rocking Chair

Situated just outside the bustling city center, Rocking Chair, on Willem van Noortstraat, is a quiet sanctuary for coffee or a bite. The corner cafe is flooded with light, the blue tiles glistening, even on a rainy Saturday morning. Ambiance Inside you’re greeted by a long coffee bar and plenty of seating. Grab a spot on a stool by the …

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