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Spotting ‘Luistervogels’ with Dirk Baart

In the spring of 2017 the cheerful twerp Dirk Baart started his albumclub Luistervogels. While enjoying a cup of tea at the appropriate café “Het Muzieklokaal” in the Vogelenbuurt in Utrecht, Dirk tells me about why he started this club. It all started with a new years resolution and after sitting on some musical ideas for a bit, Luistervogels (translated: …

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Visiting Mesjokke Chocolate

Fancy chocolate? We certainly do! It is very important that this chocolate is Fair Trade. At the Chocolate Explorers, honesty and transparency are very important. Two men with one passion: cocoa. Explore Utrecht visited their magic chocolate factory and made this item. This is a preview, but you can watch the whole item if you click on the link! Follow …

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Planten Asiel Explore Utrecht Header Photo

Plant House – Save heaven for plants in distress

Every Friday, Femke van der Rijst and Esther van Keulen are at the Plant Asylum together. Here, discarded room plants get the chance to bloom again and to be adopted, thanks to these ladies’ green thumbs and love of nature. ‘It’s a deep need that makes me happy.’ How it all started Three years ago, the Plant House looked very …

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An atelier between the birds and the mulberry tree

I recently visited Jules Enneking (59), a sculptor who has an atelier on the Oudegracht. The atelier is not large and full of artworks, paint buckets and carving tools. But that does not bother Jules, who prefers to work outside – “between the birds and the mulberry tree.” It is a familiar noise to people who live in the neighborhood: …

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46 Dresses Explore Utrecht 1

46 Dresses an Initiative started in Utrecht

A few years ago, Margo (32) was on the hunt for meaning. She wanted to make a difference for someone, or actually, for as many people as possible. Read about how she fulfilled this wish in a beautiful way with an extraordinary initiative. ‘Being good comes from a mixture of words and love’ ‘I was always big on female empowerment, …

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Ons Utrecht _ Expat Versie _ Emma

Favorites of..Emma

I am a Brit from London and married to a Dutch guy born in Japan, hello! Having lived in Utrecht since 2004 my Dutch is pretty good but still not fluent so I enjoy sitting between two worlds, balancing life as an expat with that of an integrated “buitenlander”. I chose Utrecht as a place to live because of its …

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Ons Utrecht Yolande Ave

Favorites of.. Yolande

I’m Yolande and I live with Niels and Lou (3) in a cute street in Ondiep, I also have my own business. I help woman that spend every day bummed out in front of their closet and mirror because they have nothing to wear. In one whole day I help you discover and recognize your clothing style, how you can …

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krista-van-de-steeg header image

The favourites of… Krista

The rich history, the old buildings and the canals give Utrecht an atmosphere that you have to feel to understand. I’m Krista and you understand, this city makes me happy! Utrecht gives me a good feeling. I haven’t been a student for a while now, but I’m crazy about the students who make the city bustle; thanks to them there …

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Culinessa Press explore Utrecht

Favorites of Vanessa

I’m Vanessa from the culinary blog Culinessa. I live in Maarssen with my BF and two kids, and also work as a freelance social media consultant. I come from Amsterdam, and there I knew exactly where to go to shop, and where to head to for the most delicious food, but here in Utrecht it took me a while to find …

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Instagram JBBouwmeester

Favorites of..Joy

Hi, my name is Joy. I am a sports fanatic and ‘fitgirl’, and study Nutrition and Dietetics in Amsterdam. Via Instagram, you can follow my workout routines, recipes and every now and then a snapshot of our beautiful city. I am 23 years old and have lived in Utrecht for five years, and I am pretty sure now that I’d …

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