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5x awesome Utrechts sport-events during Spring

Utrechtse sportevents

How is it going with your new year’s resolutions? Are you still working out? With our previous Utrecht sports blog we hope to have given you great inspiration and motivation to turn 2016 into a sports year. To have a goal, or to challenge yourself and stay with your training schedule, we have listed 5 sporting events in Utrecht for the coming months. Don’t think you …

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Discover the Dom Tower & Church

Explore Utrecht? I’ve been doing that for years! But then, shouldn’t I be ashamed that I have never been in the Domchurch before? Yes, I should. Shame on me. If I am going to write a blog about Art and Culture in Utrecht, I might as well start with the most known cultural heritage that exists in our midst. It …

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Team Explore Utrecht at Pastoe

My blog offers me the opportunity to meet fun and inspiring entrepreneurs and have a sneak peek behind the scenes. I get very happy hearing beautiful stories of passionate people. Some weeks ago I had another happy moment. I received an invitation from Pastoe in my mailbox, asking if I wanted to visit the factory and showroom. I almost fell of my white Pastoe …

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Evening of lights at Slot Zuylen

Lichtjesavond bij Slot Zuylen kasteelmuseum in de achtertuin van Utrecht!

Evening of lights at Slot Zuylen: castle museum in the backyard of Utrecht! Just a short 30 minute ride from the Dom city, along the Vecht lies the beautiful castle museum Slot Zuylen. (picture: www.donkerutrecht.nl) Outside of Utrecht, along the Vecht in Oud-Zuilen, lies Slot Zuylen. The castle, is know for one of its famous resident author Belle van Zuylen, has been a museum for …

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Nordic Delight brings Scandinavia to Utrecht!

There will be a Scandinavian party in Utrecht. Called the Nordic Delight Festival. Scandinavia, both historically and culturally, consisting of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, are being put into the spotlight since the first edition in March 2013. High-profile musical acts, special short films and good food are the main ingredients of this innovative initiative of ‘ founding fathers …

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Het Kade Festival | Party at the Ooster- & Westerkade

So you thought the summer ended? That the festival season has over? The Ooster- and Westerkade think ontherwise! The good thing about the quays is the way you can sit along the waterside. But there are enough places to have diner, lunch or just grab a drink too. Goede vrijdag, Speck bar&grill and BROEI for example. The entrepreneurs stuck their heads …

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Cycle Camping Cartesius | Tour de France

Cycle Camping Cartesius Explore Utrecht

Tour de France – Cycle Camping Cartesius On the 4th and 5th of July the Tour the France will race trough our city, Utrecht will be  turned upside down! There will be all kinds of activities: music, food, drinks and of course  the swifty men on the bikes. But there is one initiative I want to bring to your attention. Charlotte, Bianca and …

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Fort aan de Klop

Did you find all of those eggs last week? You don’t miss one, now do you? Those chocolate bunnies are probably already eaten.. And the dead Easter branch has been put by the trash. Or it hasn’t and is staying as long as the miserable looking Christmas tree did. So it was Easter. Holidays often revolve around family. So my …

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Stathe Live Sessions

Stathe Live Sessies Woensdagavond Explore Utrecht 2

Stathe Sessions – living-room concerts on Wednesday evening Since a year and a half now you can drink beer at the bar whilst enjoying a board with snacks, listen to live music and dance to the tunes of the DJ at café Stathe, formerly know as café Flitz. But there is more. In addition to live music on weekends you can visit the special …

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8x Pub Quizzes in Utrecht

Every pub, cafe or restaurant seems to have its own quiz night nowadays. Whoever thought that quizzes would become a trend? Well it happened just like that! So which ones are the best to join: the most fun, challenging, have a brilliant and knowledgable quizmaster? If you are looking to strain your brain then keep on reading and check one of these …

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