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Theater Kikker Explore Utrecht 1

Language No Problem: theater for non-Dutch speakers

Whether you’re an expat, an international student, or a Dutchie with a love of foreign theater, I’ve got good news for you: Theater Kikker, Utrecht’s main fringe theatre, puts on performances for non-Dutch speakers right in the heart of our beautiful city. Their program is called Language No Problem, and it features plays in English or with subtitles, dance performances, and live music. …

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Festival Strand Explore Utrecht 1

Lets dance on the beach?

Dancing on the beach The Haarrijnseplas will be the scene for an awesome, on the 27th of August. It is time for the third edition of festival Strand. Favorite new songs and tunes from ‘back in tha day’ will make you dance al night long. What else you can expect? A divers live music line-up on four stages with artists, dj’s and band like Trijntje Oosterhuis, Gerard Ekdom, Corné Klein, Erick …

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Smeerboel Explore Utrecht 3

Playground for grownups at Smeerboel

Smeerboel (a big mess). For some people that might sound like a nightmare, for others it sounds like a good night out. For me it reminds me of an amazing summer day 3 years ago, when dancing knees deep in the mud at a festival named Smeerboel! This year I get to go back and get my feet dancing again …

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Dagje utrecht historische feestlocaties Utrecht

Pride of the city. The Dom Tower in Utrecht

A symbol of the city, and the most important cultural location of Utrecht – the Dom Tower is our pride and joy. Plus, let’s not forget that it is the highest church tower in the Netherlands with a spectacular view over the whole city and region. Climbing the steps of this 700 year old tower is a “must” if you …

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By the creek 2016 Explore Utrecht 6

By The Creek festival | Dancing by the water

Last week we graced the festival  By the Creek  in Vianen. After a bike ride of about 45 minutes, we were at the festival drinking a refreshing cold beer. The first set of “By the Creek ‘was sunny and crowded – with loads of happy people exploring the festival grounds in excitement. The festival was split into four sets, each …

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deBeschaving 2016 Explore Utrecht 2

Dancing, playing and discovering at deBeschaving

DeBeschaving is more then a festival. Its a magical feest with theare, poetry, performances by well-known names and starting bands and all of this takes place at the beautiful botanical gardens. The festival was awesome and we loved it! We made a photo report of the deBeschaving, so you can experience the festival through the eyes of ‘Explore Utrecht’.  The big …

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Festival By the Creek Explore Utrecht

Magic and tunes at By The Creek Festival

The sun peeks through the clouds more often, the sky’s becoming more blue, the days longer and the legs bare! It’s right around the corner: the festival season! Every year Utrecht offers different festivals for lovers of different kinds of music and this year it’s no different. However, there is a newcomer to the game that is hoping to combine …

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Stand Up Paddling on the grachten, a unique experience!

Want to explore Utrecht in a different way and be very active while doing so? Get on a SUP board! We got the opportunity to SUP along with Yvonne from  SUP school Domstad.  And we can tell you … we had a blast. Shaky legs With Stand Up Paddling – SUP, or suppen for short – you stand on a …

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Utrecht Skate Parade: explore Utrecht on wheels

Maybe you spotted the skate parade on Friday evening with loads of skaters rolling behind a car packed with music DJs. If you have seen it, then you know what the Utrecht Skate Parade looks like: it is an initiative by a few skate fanatics in Utrecht. The Utrecht Skate Parade has grown into an big event, you do not wanna …

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Hofman Cafe And Friends Concert

Hofman Café – And Friends Concerts

At Hofman Café located on the Janskerkhof, you can have drinks at the bar, a beer and snacks out on the terrace, dance to the tunes of a dj, enjoy a comedy show and listen to live music. Hofman Café  now introduces a new concept called, ‘And Friends Concert’. An artist gets to invite two other acts for the evening, to give a full concert. …

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