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5x cultural tips in Utrecht | art and culture tips in maart

It’s time again for 5x culture tips in Utrecht by Marit. Monthly she will share her tips in Utrecht with the readers of Explore Utrecht. For March Marit will share 5 fun culture tips in Utrecht from film premieres to classical piano music concert in TivoliVredenburg. A list of five great culture tips in Utrecht to save for when you need …

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What to do in Utrecht? | Weekend Guide 28 & 29 February

Weekend! Or are you celebrating holidays? Sore throat from the carnival? Wet your whistle, because there is plenty to do in the beautiful city of Utrecht this weekend. Where are we going? Laughing, walking, eating, drinking… What do you choose?  Check out Marit van Cultuursnuiver‘s art & culture tips, let’s hit the streets!

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Doen in Utrecht op zondag

3x to do in Utrecht on Sunday February 23rd

Yes, we started the shortlist for Sunday! What is there to do in Utrecht on February 23rd? I’ve picked out three outings in Utrecht and surroundings to recommend to you for a cozy, relaxed or cultural Sunday. Let’s get started soon!

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What to do in Utrecht? | Weekend Guide 21 & 22 February

While the South of the country is preparing for Carnival, we are again preparing for a banging weekend above the rivers! What are we doing in Utrecht this weekend? Have you seen Marit’s Cultuursnuiver art & culture tips? Check them out as well. Your (and our) weekend can begin!

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Comedy Week Utrecht

To do in Utrecht | Comedy Week 28 Feb until 7 March

Utrecht is not called the capital of stand-up comedy for nothing. More than 60 comedians from far and wide come to Utrecht to show their talent. There is a lot to do in Utrecht during the Utrecht Comedy Week from Feb 28 till March 7. The International Comedy Festival closes the comedy week in TivoliVredenburg. What else you can do …

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Spelletjes cafes in Utrecht Explore Utrecht 1

Game cafés in Utrecht for a fun evening

Whether you’re a sore loser or really good at cheating, it’s fun to challenge your friends to card and board games. You can, of course, do this at home, but a game café in the city is also a good reason to get out of the door. Below, Explore Utrecht is listing four cafés where the dice fly past your …

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What to do in Utrecht? | Weekend Guide 14 & 15 February

Love is in the air in Utrecht. Of course you can’t miss it! It’s Valentine’s Day Friday, surprise your love or secret crush with a nice date. Celebrate love! Singles, don’t worry, we have Valentine’s tips for you too. Don’t feel like all that romance? Then there are plenty of other things to do, check out the tips below, but …

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What to do in Utrecht? | Weekend Guide 7 & 8 February

Woop woop, it’s the weekend! What are we going to do in Utrecht? The city is full of fun workshops, hip events and vibrant parties. Where can we find you? If these tips are not enough for you, check out Marit from Cultuursnuiver‘s art & culture tips. I’ll say, have a nice weekend!

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Leuke cultuurtips in Utrecht

Art & Culture in Utrecht | 6x Cultural tips in Utrecht in February

Marit from the blog and instagram account Cultuursnuiver, wants to show everyone how fun art & culture can be. As a Utrechter Marit wants to share tips of our city in the field of art and culture with you and that’s why she’s going on the road for Explore Utrecht. And every month she shares the best tips on Explore …

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