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Estates, castles and monasteries in Utrecht and surroundings

The Province of Utrecht has many beautiful estates, castles and monasteries located in or near beautiful nature reserves that are a must visit. Some of these historic buildings are fully furnished in the atmosphere of the past. Others have been converted into beautiful restaurants or hotels. The estates, castles and monastery were of royal, noble or ecclesiastical ownership. Even wealthy …

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Open Monument Day 2018: In Utrecht

The center of Utrecht is of course more than just a shopping paradise with nice restaurants and great nightlife, it is also like a kind of open-air museum. The Domstad is bursting with monuments, where in all cases a special story is hidden behind the façade. With 1506 national monuments Utrecht takes an impressive third place on the list of …

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Utrecht Celebrates 100 years of Style

De Stijl You can’t have missed it: the Netherlands is celebrating 2017 with an extensive and varied program: 100 Years of De Stijl. Also called ‘Mondriaan to Dutch Design’, special events, exhibitions, and activities are being organized across the entire country. There’s also lots to see and experience in Utrecht and Amersfoort. De Stijl is a Dutch art movement, named …

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Dagje utrecht historische feestlocaties Utrecht

Golden Oldies: 4 historic locations for a memorable party

Are you looking for the perfect venue for celebrating a birthday, anniversary or to throw a wedding party? An old city that dates back to Roman time, Utrecht boasts a great number of historical landmarks that will surely add a special atmosphere to your party. Just imagine…high ceilings, burning candles, and great acoustics for the band! And how about a glass of …

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Discover the Dom Tower & Church

Explore Utrecht? I’ve been doing that for years! But then, shouldn’t I be ashamed that I have never been in the Domchurch before? Yes, I should. Shame on me. If I am going to write a blog about Art and Culture in Utrecht, I might as well start with the most known cultural heritage that exists in our midst. It …

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Hidden stories in Utrecht’s corners #1

The caryatides* of Winkel van Sinkel There are no eyes able to miss the impressive picture they compose. I’m talking about that four iron women who support the weight of the Winkel van Sinkel building over their heads, while watching stoically the Oudegracht. These iron quadruplets arrived to Utrecht from England in 1837. They had been built under the assignment …

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The castles of Utrecht

It’s time for a small lesson in history! You wouldn’t have guessed, but Utrecht is full of castles. In fact, most of the buildings at Oudegracht are castles! The nowadays restaurant Oudaen is, as you may know, and many, many more. Fresenburgh for example, is the building at Oudegracht where you can find Hollister. The Zara store at Utrecht’s shopping …

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