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Get out of breath at the Buiten Adem Festival

Park Transwijk is transformed into fitties paradise, for the Buiten adem (out of breath) Sports Festival on August 29, the sportiest festival of the Netherlands.

The words sport and festival in a sentence, doesn’t make any sense for some people. Let alone that the words are linked together. Because, what’s a sports festival? The sporty concept raised quite a few questions among my friends. There was even some confusion going on, especially by individuals who do not exercise. Now I can tell you that for many fitties this is a ‘match made in heaven’. Because we like to exercise and are very keen to try new workouts and trends and this is possible during a sports festival. What you can also do is scour the festival site in search of low-fat, sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free or low-calorie (did I forget something?) delights.

I’m not on a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

Sports festival out of breath understands the need for a sporty event and provides the Dutch fitties with an action-packed afternoon of sports, food & music in Park Transwijk. What do they offer? Well, quite a lot! You can try the latest trends in the field of sport, such as xcore, BRN, crossxvest, jumping fitness, slackline and hula hoop. Or register for the well-known bootcamp and yoga classes. Each workout is only 30 minutes so you can schedule the classes as you wish for the day. But you can also chill and hang-out at the festival site. Dance to fat beats to loosen the muscles and get flexible. Treat yourself to delicious snacks and listen to music. Everything goes!

We will also join in the fun and we have registered for xcore and yoga. Also we will power-lift. Because #girlsthatlift kick ass! This is more than enough in addition to five gym sessions a week. I like being active but I also love to hang and chill. So I close the afternoon at ‘out of breath’ with my butt on a beanbag and a tasty coconut smoothie in my hand.

Are you guys going to join? There a tickets available.

Tickets are available via the Buiten Adem Festival Website.
Lockers are available but only if you book in advance.
You can travel by bike or public transport. From central station Utrecht Centraal take the sneltram to IJsselstein and Nieuwegein, get off at Vasco da Gamalaan, amd walk to the festival site.

Sportfestival Buiten Adem Explore Utrecht 2

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