A week of restaurant deals in Utrecht

Studying is already expensive enough! About time to help out the students in Utrecht looking for a the best budget deals. Explore Utrecht put together a list of all these amazing deals, so you can get through your week budget friendly. And by the way these deals are not all only for students.

We love a good deal! 

Monday – Studentendeals

Get out your student IDs, because on Monday you can really get a bang for your buck with this marvelous card. You can for example have dinner at Florin for just €6,-! Want to profit from even more discounts? Then buy a Knaek-ID for just €20,- (now temporarily just €10,-!). On presentation of your Knaek-ID and student ID you can get your second three-course meal at restaurant Seven for free. At Greek restaurant Mykonos you can choose a second main dish for free and at Dappfrietwinkel you get your second portion of fries for free. Check out the Knaek website to see all sorts of other discounts you get can get as a student

Tuesdays – Deals on the internet

Not feeling like cooking after a long day of working and/or studying and not willing to spend a fortune on dinner? Then check out the website hetlaatstetafeltje.nl. Here you can find last-minute deals for restaurant when for example a reservation is cancelled. Through the app Spontaan you can check out the best restaurant deals based on your location. Tip: want to combat food waste? Then book a table at instock.nl.

O yeah, and if you’re browsing the internet for the best restaurant deals anyway: already order sushi for the next day. At Sushi Time, wednesday is sushi day which means you get 50% on menus and boxes if you order at least a day in advance!

Wednesday – Studying out the door for cheap!

It can be so delightful to work or study out and about for a day. Sadly the costs of sipping tea or coffee all day can rack up quite the bill At ‘the 5th’, the restaurant of ‘Stayokay Utrecht’ you can claim your own coffee mug and drink unlimited coffee and tea out of it for just €7,50. Don’t feel like ordering an expensive lunch? At de Voortuin, de Zaak en de Bastaard you can brign your own lunch or get it delivered, Bring Your Own!

Thursday – All you can eat

For a lot of students Thursday indicates the start of the weekend and that means: going out! Before hitting the bar, it might be smart idea to have some food and not drink on an empty stomache. Luckily there are enough places in Utrecht where you can stuff your face for a set amount of money. You can go to El Mundo to have an unlimited Spanish tapas feast for just €18,95. At Los Argentinos you can eat unlimited spareribs for €19,50, and you can do the same at Le Clochard for €16,95. At de Jansbar you can indoor barbecue with an unlimited amount of food for €17,50. Less of a big eater but still want to eat out for a friendlier price? At bar Walden on the Dom square and het Gras van de Buren you can order a three-course meal for just €15,-

Friday – Gin & Tonic Night!

Yes, let’s get this weekend started! Want to start your Friday drinks off right? Then there’s a ton of places where you can have a nice Gin & Tonic on the cheap. At bar Jozef you can order a G&T on Fridays for just €5,- (till 19:00). The last Friday of the month Bodytalk serves G&T’s for €6,- and at Quignon all GinTonics are ‘On Sale’.

Saturday – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Start your shopping day at Bakker Bart with a nice breakfast for just €3,50. You’ll receive a sandwich, croissant, coffee and fresh juice! In the afternoon head to het Gras van de Buren for a budget lunch of €5,- including a drink. At restaurant West lunch also won’t set you back much: for €10,- you can pick two half lunch dishes and you get tea or coffee and another drink included. All of these spots filled up? No worries! On the Oudegracht you can get a delicious Italian sandwich for just €3,50 at broodje Mario!

Sunday– Lazy Sunday

Have to recover from a night of partying and/or a day of shopping? Head to Tigermama on the Voorstraat every last Sunday of the month for a delightful (six-course!) champagnebrunch for only €25,-. Would you rather go out for diner and finish off your evening with a movie at the cinema? That’s also possible! At den Draeck you can eat a three course meal and get a cinema ticket (Pathé) for €29,50. El Mundo has a Kinepolis deal: unlimited tapas + a movie ticket for €26,50. At Le Coinnaisseur you pay €24,50 for a three-course meal and a ticket to Pathé. Finally, you can also get a Kinepolismenu at Speys for €21,75.

Contribution by Sharmaine

Sharmaine is a freelance journalist, writer and photographer with a great passion for Utrecht. Raised in the Burgundian Zeeuws-Vlaanderen where she worked for years in the hospitality industry. Went to the hotel school in Bruges and then went to the beautiful Austria to live and work. After two years it was time for another country and so she left for Australia with her boyfriend. There, Sharmaine discovered her love for photography and decided to further develop this at the University for Journalism in Utrecht. During her studies she got to know the city better and became interested in the rich history of Utrecht. She has been living in the center for 5 years. She prefers to search for unusual shops, boutiques and restaurants that few people know.

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