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Broodje Mario is legendary, people come from far away cities just to have a taste. (Uhm! Mostly from the Netherlands) You cannot visit Utrecht without stopping by Mario to buy a Broodje Mario. Broodje Mario is a large warm bun filled with cheese, salami and vegetables. A broodje Mario will satisfy the largest craving! The bakery is situated on the Oudegracht, you can also buy a snack here and sit for a while. It’s a mega selling machine during lunch hours and on Saturdays.

Broodje Mario is legendary!

I’m not sure if the demand for a Broodje Mario is still high compared to a couple of years ago when I used to work in the city centre. It was just mad!! But when I mention that I live in Utrecht, some people refer to Broodje Mario. Sometimes it seems like Broodje Mario is more popular than our beloved Dom Tower, although I hope this isn’t so. But to complete your visit to Utrecht you should stop by our urban Italian snack shop and have a bite (or a look).

I shall not mention the quarrel between two italian shop owners: Mario and Carlo concerning a second Broodje Mario shop on the Janskerkhof next to Pizzeria della Casa (Carlo). Let bygones be bygones! 😉

But why not make it into a tasting and stop by Carlo’s on the Janskerkhof as well.  Let me know wicht one you prefer in the comments below.

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