Bresson | French Elegance on Oudegracht

Brasserie Bresson is a bit of Paris in Utrecht. This grand French restaurant is located on a prime location, along the Oudegracht. Since the restaurant opened, about four years go, it has been on my to visit list. Shame on me that I visited Bresson so late, since it is only a five minute walk from my home. I guess its better late then never!

Black & White Elegance 

Brasserie Bresson interior lures you to have a close look inside but the luxurious decor might also make you hesitate to step inside. Because usually this means the restaurant is expensive. But not in this case: Bresson has a very affordable lunch menu and you can even chose the plat du jour. Also the diner menu has dishes for different price ranges, so you can make your evening as inexpensive or expensive as you would like. The interior is black and white, with a large black chesterfield sofa and gorgeous pictures of French artists on the wall. The tiles on the floor add a touch of color and a more country style feel.

Delicious dinner

During my visit at Bresson I had a three course dinner. I started with a beetroot souffle on a bed of caramelized fruits. The contrast of the very soft flavor of the souffle with the strong flavor of fruits was a nice surprise. My main course was a farm chicken, season vegetables and fries with homemade mayonnaise. DELICIOUS! Anytime there is farm chicken on the menu that is what I order! To close this wonderful evening out with my mother I ordered the sweetest dessert on the menu: a lemon tart with vanilla ice cream. There is just one word that can describe the dessert and that is ‘heavenly‘! It was one of the best desserts I had in a while. The lemon tart wasn’t to sour and the topping not to sweet, it was all in good balance and the vanilla ice cream gave it an extra buzz. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the check and very glad that we decided to have diner at Bresson.

Next time you pass by Brasserie Bresson on the Oudegracht make sure you step in and order a nice lunch or a wonderful dinner. I highly recommend it!

This review is of a visit sometime ago in 2014. 🙂 But still worth to write and mention. 

Address – Oudegracht 214
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