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Thanks to Explore Utrecht, I regularly enjoy the best restaurants in Utrecht. It’s so nice when your hobby grows and becomes a versatile platform, where both Utrechters and tourists can head to for cool tips in the city. And to make it even easier to quickly book a table at good restaurants from Explore Utrecht, we’ve started a collaboration with BookDinners.

Bookdinners offers a personal way to discover restaurants. Quickly search according to your personal wishes to find a suitable restaurant for an evening of enjoyment. On bookdinners you can make lists, and follow lists made by your friends or acquaintances. It’s a digital way of asking your friends for personal advice. Still have something to discover in the culinary area? Then make a “to do” list on bookdinners. Then you’ll always have good options on hand and you won’t have to try to remember the name of that one restaurant.

With bookdinners, you always have your personal restaurant guide on hand.

As inspiration to make a restaurant list on bookdinners, I’m sharing some of my favorite restaurants with you guys. But you can of course also follow my bookdinners list(s) – it’s just as easy. 😉

You can reserve a table at these two favoriete restaurants directly from Explore Utrecht on bookdinners. Now that’s convenient!

WT Urban Kitchen

I always wait lovingly and patiently for a place on the top floor at WT Urban Kitchen. Dining with a wonderful view of Utrecht is a fantastic experience. The dishes are not only rich in flavor, but also beautifully plated. WT Urban Kitchen serves up French cuisine with delicious wines. Don’t want to wait, then book a table for lunch instead. Of have dinner on the ninth floor with a view of the kitchen and chefs.

reserveer een tafel bij WT 9e verdieping


The new kid on the block! Noir opened during the warmest summer months in the Netherlands. So perhaps you haven’t visited this restaurant yet because of all your summer activities. But with darker days on the way, it’s definitely time to check out this delicious and peculiar French restaurant. Enjoy tasty dishes, wonderful drinks, and passionate people in a cozy atmosphere.

reserveer een tafel bij Restaurant Noir

Want to save these restaurants immediately? Go to bookdinners to make your own personal list, or follow my first restaurant list bursting with favorites.

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