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Blackbird Coffee & Vintage | Utrecht

Blackbird Coffee & Vintage is on the ‘must visit’ list when people ask me where to go for a good cup of coffee in Utrecht. Blackbird is located on the Oudegracht, just outside the city centre. A perfect location amongst vintage and design shops, creative workshop places, galeries and coffee spots. When at home and craving something sweet and a latte, I do drop by easily because its near to my home.

Coffee & Vintage

Entering Blackbird, feels like shopping at a vintage store or browsing during at an art exhibition. Is this a coffee and slow juice bar? Ooh no, it’s a vintage bike shop! Uhm! The space looks very cozy and the bar in the middle is a great showcase for all the delicious pastries, all home made. There are different seats, benches and corners you can sit. The owners are quick to take your order, tell you to have a seat. I always pick the green very comfy sofa for an afternoon of coffee, cake and reading.


The atmosphere is perfect, a combination of city hipster, students, tourist and creative earthlings. Everyone doing their own thing; chatting, reading books, browsing for bikes and vintage furniture. Really strange but fun! No loud noise, just everyone chilling with to good music in the background. The chai tea latte I ordered, was creamy, mild and soft. The cottage cheese cake was very yummy, full of flavour you could taste it was home made. I stayed until closing and was very sad I had to go home to make my own chai tea latte.

Please also have a look in the cellar, here you will find vintage bikes and furniture.

Address: Oudegracht 222
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Photo credits – Michaela – The new life beginning

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About Dainahara Polonia

Welkom op Explore Utrecht! De digitale 'must visit' lijst met al het leuks in Utrecht! Dit is mijn manier om het beste van Utrecht te delen met jullie: Utrechters, expats, toeristen en dagjesmensen. Het ontdekken van nieuwe leuke plekken: van golden oldies tot aan de nieuwste place to be is mijn passie. Dineren met vriendinnen en wandelen door de straten van Utrecht opzoek naar een unieke vondst is wat ik het liefst doe. De City Experts en ik delen een passie voor Utrecht en hopen dat ook jij verliefd wordt op ons stadsie. Kom en verken de stad met ons en geniet van de ultieme Utrecht Experience. Samenwerken, tips of suggesties? Natuurlijk! Mail maar naar [email protected]

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  1. Hi there,
    Glad to hear so many good things about the Blackbird, but I think you must have the wrong picture of the cakes? I should know, as I’m the home baker who makes everything for them, and those definitely aren’t mine… 😉 Unless, of course, the review is *really* out of date, but I’ve been baking for them since September.

    • Hi Abbie,
      Thanks for the comment! I visited Blackbird two weeks ago but yes the post took some time to write since I visit often. As I wrote below the post some of these pictures are from the company website, in this case also the photo of the cakes. I would love to replace it with a photo of your cakes. So please do email me one if possible. I enjoyed your treats!

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