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Bib-Gourmand Restaurant ElVi located in Utrecht Oost

Restaurant Elvi

Restaurant Elvi is hidden behind the Wilhelminapark. The restaurant has been located here on this beautiful location for years, but I myself had not been there yet. Shame on me!  People we have to discover our neighborhoods more, jump on that bike! When I park my bike on the other side of the Jan van Scorelstraat, there is a line in front of the door of the restaurant. When I get closer, the people in line appear to be waiting at a bus stop. But, Elvira assures me, sometimes it can be really busy here!

Elvi is a small restaurant run by Victor in the kitchen and Elvira in the front. Elvi has a so-called Bib-Gourmand, you know, part of Michelin. Yes, that rating with the stars! But what is so important at Elvi is the relaxed atmosphere. That so many regular visitors enjoy. A nice evening, an experience. So the Bib does not indicate how chic Elvi is, but how good the food is and how the right experience and price goes with it.

Hostess and sommelier at ElVi, Elvira Kemman : “We are very proud of this Bib Gourmand. This is what we have been working for and therefore it is great to see that our efforts for high quality food, local produce, tasty and affordable is rewarded by Michelin.

Incredibly enthusiastic

The first thing you notice when entering is the energy and enthusiasm of hostess Elvira. Its is contagious and makes me happy. I’m immediately put at a cozy table and a delicious house-apéritif is pushed in front of me. Hey, nice start! They are proud to present the wine list, a thick book made of cork. How appropriate! The content is pretty good, I will definitely come back to taste.

There is music in it

We get multiple courses, a surprise menu. Each course is a painting in itself. With unique flavor combinations. A lot of fruit in the first dish, papaya, mango, a tropical surprise! The salmon that we get is presented on a mini-BBQ, the experience is equally important! Elvira really gives a personal touch to the evening. The tartar we get for example, is inspired by a dish from a bistro on Lowlands. Because next to gastronomy, music is her second love. Those who pay close attention also finds clues all over the newly renovated interior.

Well diserved Bib Gourmand

The menu is always different at Elvi, the people stay the same: welcoming, open and passionate for their profession. Just the way we love to see and experience it at a restaurant. And you notice that at ElVi! During our last drink we have an honest conversation with Victor and Elvira. In their free time they also enjoy eating out, having an evening out. The restaurant business is special, they think. They certainly understand what it takes, I think. Check out ElVi yourself, it does not get more welcoming. Or happier either! And that Bib, well deserved!

Jan van Scorelstraat 21 | | Bus-line 8 stops in front of the door

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