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My name is Betty and I am in love with my hometown: Utrecht! It really is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, with all its old historic details, crooked canals, those typical canal houses and ‘gezellige’ people. The city is not as big as, for example, Amsterdam, but that is what I love about my town: The city centre is still a quite cozy one and everything is just within walking distance. 

Although I live just outside the city center, you will find me there almost every week —- scavenging the city for new hotspots and restaurants. I am also always looking for idea’s for new recipes as I love to blog about food & restaurants too. On my blog:  Betty’s Kitchen you can find out what I have been up to lately. 

One of the perks of being a foodblogger is you change hotspots like models change outfits.

Here are some of my current favorite places to go and do in Utrecht. 

Taste Utrecht

Breakfast at Anne&Max (Donkere Gaard 4)

Jump out of bed, onto the bike and cycle along our beautiful canals to come to this part of town. Having breakfast at Anne&Max is as cosy and relaxed as being at home. Oh wait, maybe that’s because the place actually looks a bit like someone’s livingroom. Here they serve up ‘oeufs en cocotte’ with croissants, French Pressed Café and will offer you a mimosa for breakfast. You’d wish your living room comes with these amenities.

Favorieten van Bettina Explore Utrecht 1

Wine & Bites at Lefebvre (Neude 2)

Located out our beloved ‘Neude’square, you will find this fantastic winebar. The atmosphere is great, the service is good, the wines are incredible and the bites are very tasty. It’s not a surprise that Levebvre got named best winebar 2016! It’s an ideal spot for aperitivo, and who knows, you might even end up staying the entire night. In the summer you can even sit outside on the small terrace and work on bronzing as well as your thirst.

Dinner at Simple. (Lange Nieuwstraat 88)

A very fine and exquisite place to go for dinner. Dress up for the occasion, start up with their juniper berry & mint gin tonic. And sit back for a multiple course taste experience. It is such a Zen environment and décor, that you will literally be on a little break from the planet. Walk out with all your senses awakened, but with a little hole in your wallet.

Beauty & Shop Utrecht

Endulge at Five City Spa (Obrechtstraat 40)

How I’ve lived 30 years without their Detox Facial, is a mystery to me. Every woman needs a little me-time and Five City Spa is definitely my favorite place to go to. The place looks freshly polished but comes with a heavenly garden-of-eden like atmosphere. Endulge and pamper yourself for 60 minutes, sip up your cup of tea after and you come out totally reborn. I could live in that beauty chair for the rest of my life.

Shop at Dille & Kamille (Oude Gracht 190)

Probably the only store in town I am no longer allowed to go in by myself. Whenever I tell my husband I just need to get like one teaspoon, I come out 30 minutes later with at least 2 bags full. Dille & Kamille just has everything you might ever need in your kitchen. And for a fair price. And since I need at least 5 different sizes of everything… it’s a success every time. But apart from (kitchen) gadgets and equipment, they also sell great smelling bathroom stuff, wooden toys and edibles like pasta, rice, herbs and licorice. You have been warned!

Five City Spa Explore Utrecht 2

Experience Utrecht

Climb the Dom Tower
Get those legs moving and step up the 465 stairs to the top or our beloved Dom Tower. The view from the top is good and will provide you an ample look on this great city. Book a guided tour to learn more about the city and its history. There even is a special evening tour where you end up at the top, just before sunset and a glass of prosecco is waiting for you at the top of the stairs — just to make it worthwhile!

WijnSpijs Wandeling
A great idea to get in touch with new restaurants and off course our lovely city is through a ‘WijnSpijs Wandeling’. These are city-walks throughout multiple cities in The Netherlands. But the organization selects at least 6 restaurants on your route, that will treat you to a small 1-course meal including drink (mostly wine), and then you take a scenic walk to the next restaurant. Be prepared to block an entire day for this event, enjoy the views, the walks and especially the food. The next WijnSpijs wandeling in Utrecht will be held at 18th September and tickets are on sale now.


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