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I am a fan of well thought out eating concepts. Badhu is the place for the real Arabic thousand and one night dinner. This restaurant slash hotel slash bar is already discovered as a city stay on this website. But now the restaurant: The tiles on the walls remind you of this Arabic bathhouse (hamam). On the low chouches it is very pleasant to lounge while having your chai (high tea) or cocktail. Also exterior when the weather is nice is a great place to sit. When they open the big windows on the left side it is like outside and inside are connected with a view on the green surroundings.

The menu consists of several small dishes from the Middle East ‘mezzes’ which you can choose and share with your table company. I like that they only use organic meat and sustainable fish. Also nice to point out: let the kids forget about nuggets, hamburgers and fries, here they serve special kids mezzes!

Pics are from the restaurant website: Badhu

Address: Willem van Noortplein

Google Maps –  here!

Badhu Explore Utrecht 04Badhu Explore Utrecht 03Badhu Explore Utrecht 02


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