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At Cupp in Utrecht they serve quality coffee prepared with love

If you love coffee, you should visit Cupp in Utrecht. The owner has loads of knowledge about coffee and you can taste it! For five years he ran a Doppio Espresso at the same location, but since this year he is the proud owner of Cupp.

Depending on my mood, I start the day with a strong cup of coffee, a fine cappuccino or a delicious cup of tea. I’m really not very picky, but a weak cup of coffee doesn’t make me very happy. Certainly not in the morning. At Cupp they understand this like no other and that’s why they only serve good quality coffee and tea.  Nice fact: Cupp is an abbreviation for cuppen which stands for tasting coffee. Very appropriate!

Cupp Specialty Coffee Utrecht 3

Good coffee and fine tea

The specialty shop likes to surprise its customers with quality coffee. They therefore work with different types of coffee beans of different brands. In addition, you can enjoy the Utrecht coffee brand Keen all year round. But also the teaspoons have been thought of, because every season Cupp also changes their tea flavours.

Are you just as fond of sweet as I am? Maybe the sweet cupp is something for you. That’s a white berry latte that consists of espresso, white chocolate milk, blueberries, lavender and whipped cream.

Also make sure to visit with friends, because for 3 euros you have a pot of filter coffee of 250 ml. Are you with a large group or are you big drinkers? For one euro more you get a pot of 350 ml for 4 euros. Perfect if, for example, you have lunch with colleagues outside the door.

Lunch at Cupp in Utrecht

And speaking of lunch: in addition to fine hot drinks, they also serve fresh smoothies, delicious breakfasts and healthy lunches. Think of yoghurt with homemade granola and fresh fruit, but also smoothie bowls and poached eggs with croissants. In addition, they have a good filling breakfast special with egg/yoghurt, croissant, banana bread, fresh juice and of course coffee or tea!

In terms of lunch, there is also a lot of goodies on the menu such as the sandwich with homemade mango hums, cauliflower, sweet potato and coconut flakes. Or how about a chicken sandwich with avocado, bacon, pickle and sun-dried tomatoes? Sounds good! Firm appetite? Choose, for example, the combination deal of 8 euros which consists of a sandwich chicken cheese and the soup of the week.

Address Cupp in Utrecht 

Nobelstraat 239
3512 EM Utrecht
Tel: 0302764676

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