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What the hell is Watdajel?

Watdajel: you’ve probably seen a colorful plaque or some street art with this word in Utrecht. But this isn’t just any word, but the name of a festival! Watdajel is a festival where art and music come together in a raw, experimental explosion of creativity.

The next edition of Watdajel in Utrecht will take place on the 19th of november, on a very special location. Previously the festival has taken place in some unexpected locations like the Tivoli Oudegracht building, an old warehouse and at the Stadstuin. This edition will take place at NUtrecht, in the old NS-warehouse on the Cartesiusweg

Watdajel promises to be an event filled with inspiration and a great atmosphere,  where artists of different disciplines from Utrecht come together to make and show their art. The festival will be divided over two area’s: the Jumanji Area and the Cumbia area.

The Cumbia Area will be the home of the largest part of the art expo, but will also be a hub for Latin-American music, with several live performances. Time to shake your hips in between all that art watching!

The Jumanji Area will be transformed into a mekka of art installations and visual art. The raw vibe of the industrial warehouse where it takes place and some awesome DJ’s will complete the atmosphere.

Curious to see the full line-up of the festival? Check out Watdajel’s Facebook event!

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Header Watdajel Art
Pictures festival by Ruud Vonk – Rudest.nl
Picture (light) art by Jokko Voogt and Kim Verspui

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