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Spotting ‘Luistervogels’ with Dirk Baart

In the spring of 2017 the cheerful twerp Dirk Baart started his albumclub Luistervogels. While enjoying a cup of tea at the appropriate café “Het Muzieklokaal” in the Vogelenbuurt in Utrecht, Dirk tells me about why he started this club. It all started with a new years resolution and after sitting on some musical ideas for a bit, Luistervogels (translated: ‘listening birds’) was born.

What is Luistervogels?

Dirk studies music science on the Utrecht University and apart from that he does a lot of music journalism. It’s not a crazy idea that this music lover started this club. But does the Luistervogels club entail? “On our social media channels I post a selection of  my personal most relevant new albums every Friday, the day most new albums come out. Apart from that I’ve created a playlist that I update with all this music. But the most important part are the meetings where music lovers come together to talk about an album and to deep dive into the material,” Dirk elaborates.

The meetings are organised on the top floor of design- and recordstore Swordfish & Friend in Utrecht, where everyone who is interested in the album to be discussed that evening is welcome. The first part of the meeting consists of a Q&A with the artist of the album. Dirk asks questions about the album, but there’s always space for visitors to ask their own questions. The second part is a acoustic jam session of the artist themselves.

The music and the artists

Dirk does everything surrounding Luistervogels alone, which I find very impressive, especially while he’s graduating. “The artists that are invited for the Q&A are always very enthusiastic and think it’s a nice way to talk about the album they’ve been working on so hard. Cause how many people listen to full albums? This was also the main reason for me to start this and give it the attention it deserves,” Dirk explains.

The albums that have been discussed so far belong to the musical genre of Indiefolk. Dirk strives to bring more diversity in his offers in the future, and hopes to add Hiphop and electronic music to the repertoire as well. “The starting point has to be that I’m personally excited about it, but I try to judge as objectively as possible if something is relevant or exciting for the music business in general,” Dirk says enthousiastically.

Luistervogels is an original concept that gives me a warm feeling inside. The idea that people can listen to a music album so closely and come together to discuss it really speaks to me. I admire the love and happiness that Dirk gets from working on Luistervogels! Follow Luistervogels on Facebook and Instagram and stay up to date on their next meetings, playlists and newly released albums.

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