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5x romantische first dates in Utrecht

Going on a first date in Utrecht soon, and have no idea what to do together? Fortunately, there’s enough to do in Utrecht! In this post, I’m sharing five fun and original dates in Utrecht.

1. Date night at VinVin

Do you guys love wine? Then VinVin is the place for you. VinVin is a stylish wine bar where they pour wines from all over the world. Get to know each other with delicious wine and little bites. Plus, VinVin also gives wine courses for true wine lovers.

2. Cosy up in a love seat at the Cinelounge movie theatre (Houten)

Perhaps not in Utrecht itself, but definitely very romantic: watching a movie together from a love seat. Cinelounge offers a unique concept where you are served from your love seat. You can even order snacks and drinks during the movie. That way you can make the most out of both the movie and your date, of course.

3. Climb the Dom together

For those who like something active: climb the Dom tower together. With its 465 stairs and 112 meters in height, you can enjoy Utrecht’s most beautiful view together. Once a year, they also organise a climb of the Dom in the dark. And on 14 February you can enjoy a Valentine’s tour. Certainly romantic!

4.  Take a culinary tour of Utrecht: the Smaakmakerstour

This date is perfect for the real food lovers among us. The Smaakmakerstour will take you and your date along for a special afternoon. You will taste delicious dishes and drinks at five unique restaurants. And then you’ll explore Utrecht by bike. An original and varied date! They also have a special Valentine’s deal on 14 February. Check out our full review.

5. Go to one of the many performances at the Schiller Theater together

Does your date like cabaret? Then this is the perfect date! The Schiller Theater is a small and cosy theatre with lots of different performances, including cabaret, theatre, and dance. The auditorium only has 134 seats, which makes the atmosphere very intimate and means that you can sit close to the stage. As a spectator, you almost feel like you’re part of the performance. And the theatre also has an atmospheric bar where you guys can grab a drink together during intermission or after the show.


About Sophie Boisvert-Hearn

Sophie is een freelance redacteur met een master in Media Studies. Ze komt oorspronkelijk uit Toronto maar heeft inmiddels in Groningen, Leiden en Den Haag gewoond. Nu noemt ze met trots Utrecht haar thuis. Behalve eten, denken aan eten en het kopen en bereiden van eten, zijn haar hobbies o.a. reizen en schrijven. Een perfecte dag in Utrecht is voor haar heel veel kofie, een vriend(in) of vier, grote hoeveelheden gebakjes en een wandeling langs Utrecht haar prachtige straten en grachten – met als kers op de taart natuurlijk drankjes op het terras. Weet verrassend veel over kaasstengels.

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