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3x tasty salads in Utrecht

With the opening of SLA, a concept from Amsterdam, Utrecht has gained yet another salad bar. In the search for being healthy we are all turning a little bit salad-crazed! Where can have tasty salads in Utrecht! That is what you’ll read here!

Gys isn’t specifically a salad bar, but serves a lot of organic, freshly made dishes, among which delicious salads! My personal favorite is the home-smoked carpaccio salad, which is one of the reasons you can find me at GYS nearly every weekend! Apart from salads you can also enjoy a lot of warm and cold dishes, of which a lot are either vegan or vegetarian. In contrast to the other two hotspots in this list, GYS doesn’t let you put together your own salad. This does limit your choice, but at least you won’t get overwhelmed by all the different options. GYS offers four different salads that are perfectly balanced and delicious.

SLA has only recently arrived in Utrecht, all the way from Amsterdam. Sleek design, salads and other healthy treats such as raw cakes and soups. This means that, other than delicious salads, there’s also more than enough opportunity to warm- and cozy up. At SLA you can either chose from a selection of salads, or create your own! I prefer to create my own, but in most cases the eye seems to be bigger than the belly. Putting together your salad takes you past the bar, filled to the brim with different leafy greens, vegetables, grains, meat (or veggie meat!), seeds and herbs. I’d like one of everything, please! A big plus for me is that they add the dressing in two different points while layering the salads, which evens out the distribution of the dressing. No more top layers drowned in dressing and bottom layers starved from any moisture!

CROP’s big windows give it an atmosphere that is just as fresh and light as their salads! Just like SLA, at CROP you can also create your own salad or pick from a selection. The difference is that you don’t stroll past the bar, but you fill in a form instead. Convenient, clear and fun! The amount of dressing at CROP is not much, but you can always order more if you wish. An area where CROP clearly excels in, is coffee. One of the best in Utrecht!

Photo credits – Michaela – The new life beginning (CROP & SLA)
Photo credits – Lisa Peters – City Expert – (GYS)

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Lisa is een freelance content marketing specialist met een gouden pen en een liefde voor Utrecht. Sinds ze in 2009 naar deze prachtige stad is verhuist, heeft ze elke steen omgekeerd en elk hoekje verkend. Een nieuw restaurant of een onontdekt boetiekje, ze zal het ontdekken en ervan genieten. Het enige dat ze stiekem nog mist in Utrecht is een karaoke bar. Ze woont in de buurt van de Amsterdamsestraatweg, waar ze nauwkeurig in de gaten houdt welke interessante nieuwe winkels of restaurants er verschijnen in deze up-and-coming buurt. Ze is dol op het ontdekken van verborgen pareltjes, nu is het tijd om ze te delen met jou!

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