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3 establishments in the up & coming Hardebollenstraat in Utrecht

The Hardebollenstraat in Utrecht is a sweet little street that is only 50 metres long. Yet the street is full of special shops and fine restaurants. The trendy street continues to grow and expands with three new restaurants: Life’s a Peach, Little Beershop and Pizza Beppe Quattro. You can read all about it in this blog!

Between the Voorstraat and the Breedstraat you’ll find the Hardebollenstraat, named after an old Utrecht family. Until the summer of 2013 there were seventeen small rooms in the then red light district of Utrecht. Now you’ll find a lot of creative people with nice shops and the street has been transformed into one of the hippest streets in Utrecht. With the opening of Life’s a Peach, Little Beershop and Pizza Beppe Quattro, the street is now home to a number of new restaurants. That’s three times more enjoyable!

Life’s a Peach

Life’s a Peach is without a doubt an asset to the Hardebollenstraat in Utrecht. The owner, Vanessa, with Italian roots, brings a real focacceria to Utrecht with Life’s a Peach. This is in fact a lunchroom where the focaccia is central. A flat Italian sandwich that can be compared to pizza, but thicker. Lovely! In addition, a lot of other fine lunches are served. The food is mainly vegan, but the packaging is also biodegradable.

The name Life’s a Peach is a small nod to the saying Life’s a bitch, because life is a Peach in the eyes of the owner. And we totally agree with her! Vanessa is not only fond of food, but also has a love for design and art. The originally interior architect knows (h)honest food with beautiful local design and art to combine. In the focacceria you will find works of art by local designers and artists. You can not only admire them, but also buy them.

Pizza Beppe Quattro

Ooh boy, what a stroke of luck, because Pizza Beppe Quattro opened a new branch in Utrecht. What to expect? Pizza of course, but prepared in an authentic, Neapolitan way. The restaurant is officially recognized by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana! Not just a piece of pizza, but the crème de la crème. The pizzas are handmade (as it should be) and are richly topped with traditional toppings.

It’s also a great restaurant to visit with kids, because every day between 17:00 and 18:30 you receive a fifty percent discount on children’s pizzas. Fortunately, the adult has also been thought of. If you book a table online after 21:00 you will be rewarded with a glass of Prosecco. Look, that is something I would go for, hihi. You pay for a pizza between €7.95 and €16.95.  Certainly not overpriced for a traditional Neapolitan pizza!

Little Beershop

If you’re looking for specialty beers, you should visit the Little Beershop. It is the second establishment of Driemeterbier which is located on the Amsterdamsestraatweg in Utrecht. You can buy special beers  from all over the world.

The second branch in the Hardebollenstraat in Utrecht was also given a first; there will be a can seamer machine with which you can have the beer canned on request. So if you do want a beer, this is the place you want to go. But it’s just as much fun to give a special beer as a gift to a friend.

More special shops located near the Hardebollenstraat

Photo’s by Life’s a peach, Pizza Beppe and Little beershop.

About Ariela Slakhorst

Utrecht is mijn tweede thuis: de plek waar ik studeer, werk en waar ik vrienden voor het leven heb gemaakt. Niet voor niets ben ik al zes jaar lang stapelverliefd op deze stad, want kijk eens om je heen, is er een stad die mooier is? In de toekomst hoop ik er een huisje te scoren, het liefst met een tuin, maar met een fijn balkon mag ook. Ik ontdek nog steeds nieuwe routes om te wandelen, hotspots om te eten en andere gezellige places to be. Het zijn dingen die ik graag met jullie deel, want verhalen vertellen is écht mijn ding. Een liefde die ik graag combineer met mijn liefde voor het mooie Utrecht!

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