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Lunchdate at Stael on the Twijnstraat

Lunch at Stael

A lunch-date at Twijnstraat, that’s always fun! The little boutiques and the streets’ atmosphere always give me that holiday feeling. I can waste my time here, strolling around and doing some windowshopping. But for now, we are entering Stael! The name sounds just as cool as the interior looks — with old carpets on the floor, and a big mural on the wall. The look of the venue is industrial and robust; but don’t be mistaken, ’cause the seating corners make it really cosy. This makes it a fine location to catch up with your girlfriends, or share a piece of pie on a romantic date.

The menu is full of delicious stuff, so full, that my girlfriends and I had a hard time deciding. Even the waiter was confused by our order. To drink, there’s several healthy fruit juices and soda’s, but also different coffees that you can even order with soymilk. Obviously I took a look at the wine menu and it seemed very familiar — they serve wines from Grapedistrict — both good and affordable.

There are sandwiches as far as the eye can see, topped with with hummus, avocado and other very healthy toppings. There’s also salads and soups — and the soups are supplied by Soepfabriek by the way. Do you have a big appetite? Then you can also order a Brand&Levie sausage bun with a beer from De leckere, or Brouwerij Maximus. Stael calls their suppliers, very lovingly, the heroes of Stael. Those heroes take care of a very varied offer!


Oh boy, we’ve sinned at Stael, because the menu also has a lot of sweetness to offer. Nobody can resist that, right? Yes, neither could we. Chai latte, with fresh herbs and spices, different flavours of green tea. For me that is way too healthy of course, this gourmand cannot go without her treats. So that is why we caved for a red velvet cake, scones and a carrot cake. They were all delicious. Fancy something with a bite? Dutch “bitterballs” are available by piece, in all kinds of different tastes. Bonuspoints!

Are you just as overwhelmed as I was by the varied offer? Then Stael has thought of something great for us: the juices and wines can all be served in a small tasting, so that you are able to give it all a try. Fun and tasty! Order a high tea and the variety of tastes will dazzle you. So go and enjoy yourself at Stael. For the early birds amongst us, Stael opens their doors at 8.00 in the morning and for the latebloomers the doors are closed at 22.00 on a thursday, friday and saturday. The rest of the week Stael is open ’till 19.00h, so it’s a perfect place to go for lunch or to have a drink!

Address: Twijnstraat 9
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Pictures by Michaela – New Life Beginning.


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