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't Koffieboontje

‘t Koffieboontje’s – coffee spot overlooking the windmill

’t Koffieboontje at the Gruttersdijk

’t Koffieboontje (the coffee bean) on the Oudegracht is growing and needs a bigger space for their growing fan base. But where else can we go to enjoy their signature brew and delicious treats? Fear not! They recently opened a new shop at the Gruttersdijk, which is one of the coziest café along the Oudegracht. This new place has a great bar and a spacious sitting area where you can hang out comfortably in every corner. Need to study or do some work? Get a seat at their long table or one of the small tables by the wall. You can also drink your coffee the Italian way; a quick shot of espresso or ristretto at the bar, or have a cup of while enjoying the hustle and bustle of the Oudegracht.

Coffee lounge

The new shop of ‘t Koffieboontje is decorated as beautifully as their first one, but trendier and more colorful. The combination of the marble table tops and the dark grey tiles on the floor also makes the room an Instagram-perfect background. So, there you go, Insta-lovers: ’t Koffieboontje is a great spot to further explore your creativity.

So, now you can enjoy great-coffee moments just outside the city center at Gruttersdijk xx. And share your Instagram shots with us by adding #exploreutrechtcoffeebreak. For a perfect Sunday afternoon, I usually order a cup of oat milk cappuccino and a piece of carrot cake. Divine!

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday – 08:00 until 18:00

Gruttersdijk 42 | website | facebook

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