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Goede Vrijdag | Enjoy coffee on the quay

Coffee at Goede Vrijdag, an unique experience 

Goede Vrijdag located at the Oosterkade in a small bridge operator house, must be one of the most unique coffee spots in Utrecht. Goede Vrijdag isn’t just a cafe but also a vintage shop and a music venue.

Cup of coffee on the quay

The location is just briljant! You can order your cup of coffee or a bottle of special soda at the counter in the small house and enjoy it outside sitting on the quay. Goede Vrijdag even has tasty homemade baked goods to go with your coffee. The bridge operator house might be small but there is enough space outside. On sunny days this is the best spot for a cup of coffee and a chat with a friend you will find in Utrecht.

Vintage shop and music performances

Goede Vrijdag is not only a great coffee spot but also a vintage shop and a performance venue for singer-songwriters and other solo artists. Every corner of this little brigde operator house is filled with cute and unusual things that you can buy for your interior. So have a look around while waiting for your cup of coffee. The basement is the stage for intimate singer- songwriter performances. No more than 25 people fit into the basement which makes it a very cosy and personal performance. Check the calender or facebook page for dates.

I do recommend you stop bij Goede Vrijdag. It’s lovely outside on Oosterkade. While you are there also have a look around on the Westerkade. This part of town is very vibrant with loads of creative hubs and delicious food spots.

Address: Oosterkade 1
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Photo credits – Michaela – The new life beginning

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